In search of detectives to help locate slave gravestones

Gravestone of 'Primus' in Andover, MA (photo: W. Dean Eastman)

Gravestone of ‘Primus’ in Andover, MA (photo: W. Dean Eastman)

As we shift our focus toward Black History Month, what do you know about slave gravestones in your town?  Where were slaves buried in that old cemetery down the street?  What do the epitaphs say?  The more pictures and info we can gather this month, the more impressive our collection will be.  As with all of our projects, we exist to expand and support the efforts of scholars and students of history everywhere.   Send us your photos and/or info!

Also, in honor of Black History Month, check out our online exhibit on African-Americans in Antebellum Boston.

The “What Ever Happened to…” Project

We’re excited to announce a new venture aimed at integrating the efforts of high schools, historical societies and anyone interested in local history. A collaboration of these institutions and interested people in Essex and Middlesex Counties will help curate documentary evidence and pictures pertaining to a range of topics.  We started with Essex County, and have now expanded the scope of the project to include Middlesex County.  Phase one of our search begins with two areas that we have already made a great deal of progress on: Slave Gravestones, and Child Apprentices in the Colonial Era.  (Later we will be looking at One Room School Houses, “Ten-Footer” Shoe Shops, and Poorhouses & Workhouses). Are you interested in being a part of this digital document collaboration?  Click on the projects below, and join us.

1843 Riot on Ann Street, Boston

Police log describing the riot on Ann St.

Add to this Story As we read more about this significant but mostly forgotten event, it would certainly add to the historical body of knowledge of the racial history of the city of Boston if we could draw upon additional sources to get a clearer … [Continue reading]