1843 Riot on Ann Street, Boston

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As we read more about this significant but mostly forgotten event, it would certainly add to the historical body of knowledge of the racial history of the city of Boston if we could draw upon additional sources to get a clearer picture of what actually happened. We have compiled a historical narrative employing the accounts of only two contemporary Boston Newspapers, the Emancipator and Free American and The Boston Semi-Weekly Atlas. It would certainly be beneficial if any visitors to our website could contribute any additional digitized sources to add to our existing body of knowledge concerning the August, 1843 Riot on Ann Street. Below the narrative we’ve asked a few questions.  What can you add to the story?

The following is a combination of contemporary Boston newspaper accounts of a racial riot in 1843 from The Emancipator and Free American and the Boston Semi-Weekly Atlas published August 31, 1834.  In this combined account we have added links to give the reader a broader perspective of the event. Hopefully as we crowd-source additional primary sources this new information can also be woven into the account of the Riot On Ann Street. [Continue reading]